Added by genei09 over 7 years ago

I promised my wife I would make her a theme once I finished the SolarSystem. Patterned after the computer interface from StarTrek The Next Generation I tried to imagine what Android would look like in the hands of Captain Picard


RE: Treking - Added by viciouscircle over 7 years ago

Freakin' awesome job on that...

RE: Treking - Added by genei09 over 7 years ago

Thank you

I forgot to mention that the only images I used were the Starfleet Logo and the Android with lines. Everything else was drawn with objects in SweeterHome

RE: Treking - Added by aitonb2 over 7 years ago

I absolutely love this! I have to say please post if you make new themes because this is absolutely amazing!

RE: Treking - Added by Lemon over 7 years ago

Great great stuff!!!

RE: Treking - Added by dethduck over 7 years ago

Is it possible to make one for the myTouch 3G?

RE: Treking - Added by aprince666 over 7 years ago

This is by far the most innovative theme out now! Thanks for the inspirado

RE: Treking - Added by genei09 over 7 years ago

Thanks all.

I can try and boot up my g1 and give that a go for editing a theme for the smaller screens.

I wonder, has anyone tried the Android Emulator on a PC for sweeter home?

RE: Treking - Added by Lemon over 7 years ago

Dev run in an emulator obviously. I can't be assed with the hassle of setting it all up. I don't know how to get a virtual SD card or internet connection running on it.

RE: Treking - Added by genei09 over 7 years ago

Heh, well I think I'll have time to get out the g1, or try my hand at setting up the emulator this weekend.

RE: Treking - Added by genei09 over 7 years ago

Alright, got the emulator up and running.

Doesn't look like it'll be too much effort to make an HVGA version.

It is primarily just the way certain pieces of text line up right?

RE: Treking - Added by Oisin over 7 years ago

Star Trekkin' across the universe,
On the Starship Enterprise under Captain Kirk.
Star Trekkin' across the universe,
Only going forward 'cause we can't find reverse.

Lol great theme and great song

pwnageThree is on the way

after that, a new line up of themes is coming!
but the pwnage line wont discontinue

RE: Treking - Added by PhillAEvans over 7 years ago

Hey Juat got my new motorola milestone

is the treking theme downloadable and would it run on the milestone

RE: Treking - Added by genei09 over 7 years ago

Yup, I made this on my Droid (USA version of Milestone)
After installing from SweeterHome press Menu, touch Themes, press Menu, touch Search and look for the theme name or my user name and it'll pop right up.

RE: Treking - Added by Lemon over 7 years ago

Or you can download here - save as and rename the file extension to .slx

RE: Treking - Added by genei09 over 7 years ago


Current Version of this theme is not compatible with .712 beta build. The Personnel button no longer has the desired function. I will post again when it is fixed.

RE: Treking - Added by genei09 over 7 years ago

Personnel page functions a little different now. No all contacts block anymore.

RE: Treking - Added by radyoactive over 7 years ago

Great theme!

Is there a way to get the default map to show my location instead of California?

RE: Treking - Added by dethduck over 7 years ago

I uploaded a tweaked version of this awsome theme for all the 320x480 phones.

Adjusted text and increased some fonts

Added two vertical app docks on mid and
Upper screen for quick access to your most
Used apps.
As the map thingy no worky on 1.6 I replaced
With the same starfleet logo!!

RE: Treking - Added by Lemon over 7 years ago

RE: Treking - Added by genei09 over 7 years ago

Thanks dethduck, I've been too busy of late to create the smaller version myself. I was trying to create one version that worked on both screen sizes but it just wasn't working out.

RE: Treking - Added by emil10001 over 7 years ago

After several attempts to get your theme working, I got frustrated and made my own. I hope you don't mind. I have also loaded mine up so that others could grab it. I really like how yours looked, but a newer version of SweeterHome may have broken it. Anyways, mine is called LCARS, and is in the Themes menu.

Thanks for the inspiration.

center_apps_selected.png (24.5 KB)

center_no_selection.png (13.9 KB)

down.png (30.4 KB)

left.png (40 KB)

right.png (41.3 KB)

RE: Treking - Added by Lemon over 7 years ago

This style of theme seems really popular on heaps of different devices. You guys have done some great work here.

RE: Treking - Added by dethduck over 7 years ago

Think what you will of ST:TNG but the lcars touch screen interface conceptualized back in '87 long before there was the technology for touchscreens, is still one of the most efficient, intuitive and usable UIs to date. Plus there is the "geek" factor.

RE: Treking - Added by dethduck over 7 years ago

Uploaded an update with some minor tweaks to reduce memory footprint. Primarily removed some non visible plain color blocks that were hidden in the background. For some reason though the screen shot didn't upload with the package.

RE: Treking - Added by emil10001 over 7 years ago

I didn't realize that your theme was in the themes list. There doesn't seem to be a way to look beyond the most recent/popular without searching for it explicitly, so I assumed that it was not there. There was also the month long gap since the last post. But, now that I realize that yours do show up in that list, I think I'll leave the LCARS themes to you.

RE: Treking - Added by dethduck over 7 years ago

By all means, don't stop working on yours either. Mine is really just a reworking of genei09's original so it fits on 320x480 screens, granted with a few adjustments, additions and tweaks of my own. But yours was a pretty damn good one too. Keep at it.

RE: Treking - Added by emil10001 over 7 years ago

Ok, thanks, glad you liked it. I've been editing it a bid more, but I can't upload it until that bug gets worked out. (I get a connection error every time I try to upload my theme.)

RE: Treking - Added by zDisturbed1 about 7 years ago

I have a question sorry for being a newb but the lack of notification bar is that just you clipped it out of sreen shots or is there a way to actually hide it behind the theme?

RE: Treking - Added by CLShaeffer about 7 years ago

Screenies shot via the SH2 menu don't include the notification bar. Its still there, though.

RE: Treking - Added by dethduck about 7 years ago

Updated Treking320 added two search widgets with toggles on mid/main and left screen.

RE: Treking - Added by dethduck about 7 years ago

Ima start working on Landscape mode for Treking320.

RE: Treking - Added by PowerPlayGraphix about 7 years ago

I tried using this and I love the look of it, but the "Personnel" button doesn't work right. When I press it, it brings up the Contacts but everything else is visible too and it doesn't hide/cover up the other things and the "return" button doesn't show up. Any chance this can get fixed? (I'm on a Motorola Droid)

RE: Treking - Added by dethduck about 7 years ago

@PowerPlayGraphix, are you referring to my version or Genei's? Mine is Treking320, it was made on and for smaller screens (320x480)
If it's his you're talking about, which was made for larger screens, then it could be an incompatibility with the current version of SH2 as he hasn't
updated his since January.

RE: Treking - Added by PowerPlayGraphix about 7 years ago

I'm talking about this one, "Treking". I had accidentally downloaded yours too but I deleted it and added this one when I realized I had the "small" one. It looks like most everything else works except the"personnel" section.

RE: Treking - Added by dethduck about 7 years ago

Ah, I see, sounds like you're using his original build just called "Treking" The one you want to download is called "TrekingForBuild7". Do a search for that out for genei09. That version fixes that issue. If I ever get a phone with the larger screens maybe I'll update his version like I did for the smaller screens.

RE: Treking - Added by e76 about 7 years ago

I have a question for genei09. When I install TrekingForBuild7 (best theme I've ever seen) on Nexus One, the inside edges of the elbow shapes are squared off at a right angle. Is there a way to make the inside edges round (like the big image posted earlier)?

RE: Treking - Added by cybertuan almost 7 years ago

hey i am going to modify your version of lcars with a much more indept program management screen great job building this from scratch im in the process of importing lcars images taken piece by piece so it as well as change the color scheme to something more tactical possibly a red alert version dont know quite yet learned alot from taking your version apart thanks!
ps let me know if i am allowed to republish my modified version of your ui

RE: Treking - Added by ff over 6 years ago

Nice theme, but I've got a view issues:
1) some of the pre-set apps/widgets can't be found on the market (SE X10, Android 2.1), like 'Power control', 'Phone'.
2) after selecting a widget, I can't change it anymore nor change the widget settings
3) google maps isn't using geo-location. I'm not in the USA, so why is it fixed there

Is someone working on an update for one of the LCARS-themes?

RE: Treking - Added by TheGav81 over 6 years ago

Hello, I'm wondering how do i make phone calls in this theme ion a galaxy S as the phone button doesn't work?

RE: Treking - Added by Lemon over 6 years ago

Haven't used this theme in a while but you need to long press and drag the icon out, then long press and add a new app (your phone app).

If you can't long press and remove it's because the author has locked the custom tray. You can edit the theme, edit the custom tray and change Locked to No.

RE: Treking - Added by tareqsamman over 6 years ago

what theme you are running these days Lemon? and if I may ask if you are rooted and what rom you using?


RE: Treking - Added by Lemon over 6 years ago

Yo, I'm actually (slowly) building a new default theme for SH. So running that at the moment. I'm scared I'm making it too big since I'm running a DesireHD and Sweeter Home is a BEAST with 768 of ram. Seriously. Luckily I have tons of phones to test with thanks to work.

RE: Treking - Added by mitchFTFuture over 6 years ago

LOVE this theme.
Like a lot.
Looks really great on the Evo.

I have been showing everyone I can, with dropped jaws being the usual response, ahaha.

RE: Treking - Added by DJ_Di about 6 years ago

Here is my take on this popular theme. My landscape view is fully activated and many LCARS buttons for those that just like pushing buttons... oh yeah and buttons do things. I just expanded on what was already available. Thanks to all my predecessors. I purchased a map widget that works occasionally better than LiveMap but not really worth the money.

TrekingForSamsungGalaxyS_2011060506.png - Top Landscape 2 (200.9 KB)

TrekingForSamsungGalaxyS_2011060507.png - Bottom Portrait (60.9 KB)

TrekingForSamsungGalaxyS_2011060508.png - Bottom Landscape 1 (7.2 KB)

TrekingForSamsungGalaxyS_2011060509.png - Bottom Landscape 2 (45.7 KB)

TrekingForSamsungGalaxyS_2011060501.png - Center Portrait (30.1 KB)

TrekingForSamsungGalaxyS_2011060502.png - Center Landscape 1 (8.5 KB)

TrekingForSamsungGalaxyS_2011060503.png - Center Landscape 2 (44.6 KB)

TrekingForSamsungGalaxyS_2011060504.png - Top Portrait (221.7 KB)

TrekingForSamsungGalaxyS_2011060510.png - Right Portrait (43.3 KB)

TrekingForSamsungGalaxyS_2011060505.png - Top Landscape 1 (143.2 KB)

RE: Treking - Added by DJ_Di about 6 years ago

Didn't really know how to get the landscape screenshots. They are cut off a bit but you can see the main features.

TrekingForSamsungGalaxyS_2011060511.png - Right Landscape (61.4 KB)

TrekingForSamsungGalaxyS_2011060512.png - Left Portrait (124.8 KB)

TrekingForSamsungGalaxyS_2011060513.png - Left Landscape (94.8 KB)

RE: Treking - Added by DJ_Di about 6 years ago

Added a Medical button to the landscape view of the Science screen. And fixed a clear spot on the portrait view that should have been black.

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