Sweeter Home 2 Public Beta

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After months of development and testing we are finally ready to release a public beta version of Sweeter Home 2. We'll continue working to achieve a level of stability, robustness, and performance for a market release.

Highlighted new feature since Sweeter Home Preview 1:
  • Integrated Server-Based Theme Sharing makes finding and sharing themes easy
  • Android Widget Support
  • Tag Trays is a collaborative tagging system that helps keep your apps organized.
  • Search Widget Support
  • Editing improvements, including previews during editing
  • Major performance and stability improvements

Build for May 7, 2015

  • This beta release contains bugs and quirks that will be resolved before a release on the market. Use this version at your own risk.
  • To install one of these APKs:
    • Enable install of non-Market apps. Go to System Settings, Applications, enable "Unknown sources".
    • Navigate to the APK using your phone web browser
    • Click the link to install the APK
  • Press the Home button to launch Sweeter Home 2
  • It is strongly suggested to log in from within the app. The market version may require users to log in with an account. If you have an account here on sweeterhome.com, you can use that to log in. Otherwise you can create an account from within the app.
  • If you have any problems, boot into safe mode by holding down the menu key (on droid, use the menu key on keyboard, not the touch area), while powering on. Keep holding down menu until it boots.

Welcome to Sweeter Home Introductory Video

Installing Sweeter Home, signing in, browsing and applying themes.

Beta Notes - Please read

  • This release contains bugs and quirks that will be resolved before a release on the market. Use this version at your own risk.
  • Beta versions will expire in approx 30-60 days. It will keep working after the expiry but will show reminders to upgrade.
  • If you have Android 1.6, do not use the APK for 2.0! Android 1.6 has a bug, fixed in 2.0, that will cause your phone to crash on power-up if you use this 2.0 APK on a 1.6 device.
  • This version of Sweeter Home includes extensive server integration for logging in, signing up for accounts, and uploading/downloading themes. The server is also considered to be in a beta state and may go down from time to time.
  • If you created themes with Sweeter Home Preview 1, you cannot load them using Sweeter Home 2.
  • We will make an effort to maintain theme compatibility going forward, but it's possible that before the market launch, a bug fix or feature enhancement will require modifying the theme format in a way that breaks some themes.
  • Please report bugs and crashes:
    • If possible, use the automatic bug reporting mechanism that prompts you to report a bug after problems are encountered
    • You can press Menu/Report Bug to report a bug if you are not automatically prompted
    • As a last resort, you can email bugs at sweeterhome.com. Please include "Sweeter Home 2 Beta" in the subject if you do this
    • After a crash, check your SD Card for a sweeterhome directory, and please send us any files with names like "logdump_1261824062853.txt". These files contain enhanced log information.
    • If you use sendlog or similar, you can use that to send log details, but please also send the builtin SH2 logs using the report bug option. The SH2 logs go back further than the sendlog logs.


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