NEW BUILD - March 2nd (2 comments)

Added by Lemon about 5 years ago

Better widget framework (unbinds unused widgets to free memory). Less chance of SH closing in background. Other bug fixes, memory handling improvements, and stability. Also probable Droid Red Eye hang fix.

New Public Build!!! (31 Jan) (2 comments)

Added by Lemon about 5 years ago

Major improvements in stability, caching, image handling!

Couple of small new features/improvements:

  • better pixel grading on rounded corners
  • turn off landscape mode now (Menu > More > Preferences > Disable Orientation)
  • springboard hierarchy - closing parent closes children as well


FAQ completed (1 comment)

Added by Lemon about 5 years ago

Another vid from Lemon, Preview 2 getting closer (2 comments)

Added by sweeterhome almost 6 years ago

Lemon has posted another yotube vid with another cool design concept, check out:

Also, Sweeter Home Preview 2 is coming soon, thanks to everyone for being patient with this.

0.21 in market (1 comment)

Added by sweeterhome about 6 years ago

Posted 0.21 to market, which has a big performance fix for trays, and other bug fixes.

Expect possible quick bug fix versions after 0.21, since the market adds variability that cannot be tested.

0.21 in testing that fixes major tray performance problems (1 comment)

Added by sweeterhome about 6 years ago

0.21 is in testing and fixes major performance problems with trays.

Also, Lemon has struck again with a new YouTube video showcasing sprinboards:

0.16 update, YouTube videos (1 comment)

Added by sweeterhome about 6 years ago

We are focusing on bug fixes for 0.16, as well as rolling in a key new feature -- Springboard support.

Also Lemon has posted some very cool YouTube videos, here:

Sorry for the rocky 0.12-0.14, 0.15 looking good (2 comments)

Added by sweeterhome about 6 years ago

So it turns out disabling copy protection was a big mistake. Hopefully not many people tried to upgrade during the minutes that these releases were out.

I may put out a new version specifically for ADP phone users, but that's a little messy.

According to google, the problem related to breaking data/files after removing copy protection is fixed in their source tree, which will presumably make it to phones in some future firmware upgrade.

0.14 -- copy protection back on (1 comment)

Added by sweeterhome about 6 years ago

In 0.12-0.13 I tried turning off copy protection, but unfortunately that broke database compatibility and would have caused problems for anyone with existing customized themes, so I have to turn copy protection back on.

0.12 (1 comment)

Added by sweeterhome about 6 years ago

Released Preview 1 -- 0.12 to market. Important fixes:

  • Edge arrows are now optional, and off by default. Main Menu, Preferences to get them back.
  • By default, the background is a wide wallpaper, as with the default android home screen. Main Menu, Preferences to turn off.
  • Filter contacts to more closely match the regular contact list
  • Make app launch presses more sensitive so they launch on the first press
  • Improved image resizing and local image handling.
  • Fix many of the calendar bugs. A few remain, and are tracked for a later release.
  • Better scrolling
  • Improved memory usage, though loading large photos is still risky

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