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Sweeter Home 2 - Beta


Sweeter Home is a home replacement app for Android. It replaces the 'standard' or 'stock' home and can be set as your default home. Sweeter Home allows for user editing of all the UI functions of the home, which means that any user can create the home they want using rich tools with highly customizable configurations including function and look. Editing is localised to your handset so you can build themes on the bus, on the couch, or next to the pool! It features syncing which enables a seamless experience as app categories auto-populate into trays. It also provides easy sharing of themes using a server hosted list where you can download themes by others, or upload your own themes for the world to use. Already present is a vibrant user community sharing hundreds of themes with thousands of downloads. Due to the ease of theme sharing Sweeter Home is also perfect for those people who don't want to edit their own themes, but simply want to use the new and exciting themes created by others.

During these documents we'll sometimes refer to the Sweeter Home app as "SH".

Active mode vs Edit mode

Sweeter Home runs in two distinctive modes. The live home screen where you can swipe around your theme, use widgets, and launch apps, we'll call Active Mode. Conversely Edit Mode is where you can design all aspects of your theme by adding UI elements (blocks) and editing functions and look.

Active Mode

Sweeter Home currently makes use of 5 screens in the shape of a "+". Three screens along the horizontal (left, middle and right), and from the middle screen you can also scroll up or down. In addition to using your finger to navigate, you can return to the middle screen at any time by pressing the Back button on your handset.

Press the menu button to access options like rating your current theme, viewing community themes in the Theme List and setting wallpaper. The more button will give you access to your Android system settings, Sweeter Home preferences, a screencap tool and more.

Read more about Active Mode and learn how theme designs behave.

Edit Mode

Press the Menu button then click Edit Theme to go into Edit Mode. Edit Mode allows you to add, remove and format every aspect of your theme on every screen and even create different layouts for portrait and landscape.

Read more about Edit Mode and learn how to set up your theme.

List of Block types

Common configurations when editing blocks

The following config types are common across all/most blocks:

For more configuration info read more at the Edit Mode page.

Tutorials (work in progress)

A selection of basic tutorials to get you started are available at the Tutorials page.


Sweeter Home is currently in a public Beta period and is not released to the Android Market. During this time user feedback is essential to making Sweeter Home a fully stable and robust default home app. Please report bugs!

Other info

Known Probs Requiring User Feedback

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