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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does Sweeter Home ask me to create an account when I start it for the first time?
    Using your user account Sweeter Home syncs your apps list to the Sweeter Home server. Without a user account you miss out on the convenience that Tagged Trays offers.
  • Why does Sweeter Home scan and sync my apps?
    Sweeter Home makes use of Tagged Trays which is a category based app sync. Sweeter Home will display your chosen apps in each Tagged Tray no matter what theme is applied. Read more at the Tagged Tray page.
  • How can I save my own theme to my SD card?
    In Edit Mode hit the Menu button, then Upload/Export. Drop down "Internet" and select SD Card.
  • How can I delete I theme I've uploaded to the Theme List.
    In the theme list long press on your theme and choose "Delete". If you can't find your theme, search for your user name in the Author field.
  • How do I change my theme name and description?
    From Edit Mode, hit the Menu button then Theme Settings. You can also change/update this information while you Upload/Export the theme.
  • Where can I download other peoples themes?
    In Active Mode hit the Menu button then Themes. Read more at the Theme List page.
  • How do I take a screen shot?
    In Active Mode hut the Menu button, then More, then Screen Capture. Read more at the Screen Capture page.
  • How do I add apps to a tray?
    Either tray from another tray (like the All Applications tray) or long press in a tray and click Add Application.
  • What are Tagged Trays?
    Tagged Trays is a collaborative tagging system that helps keep your apps organised. Your category choices are maintained via a server sync no matter what theme you apply. Read more (including video) at the Tagged Tray page.
  • How do Springboards work?
    A Springboard is an icon or block that reveal hidden elements when pressed. Setting up a Springboard requires adding the 'target' blocks to your theme then adding and enabling the Springboard block or icon. Read more about Springboards at the Springboard Overview page.
  • Why do my apps, shortcuts or Springboards go missing from Custom Trays on reload from my SD card, or download theme list?
    Edit the Custom Tray and set Embed to Yes. This ensures all contents of the tray are maintained through the loading of the theme. Read more at the Custom Tray page.
  • How do I select an object hidden under other objects?
    In edit mode long press over the block you want to select. A contextual menu is displayed with action you can take on the currently selected block. Listed under these edit options is a list of all other blocks directly under your long press. Select the Block you want (they are listed by Title).
  • How does Springboard Animation work?
    Currently this only works with Springboard icons in a Custom Tray. Read more at Animation Time.
  • How do I add a Widget?
    In Edit Mode add a new block. From the list of Block Types select System Widget. Read more at System Widget.
  • How do I delete a Theme I uploaded?
    In the Theme List long press on your theme and select Delete.
  • How do I make different content for different orientations?
    See Landscape.
  • How can I use an image/icon for a springboard?
    For a Springboard block, set both the On and Off Frame/Background configuration to transparent (remember to set for both Frame/Title and Background). Then add an image using the Picture block. Set the Springboard Layer Level below the image.
  • How many objects can I target with one Springboard?
    For a Springboard icon in a Custom Tray: 1. For a Springboard Block: Unlimited. Read more at Springboard Overview.
  • How do I make Sweeter Home the default home screen, if pressing Home does not give a choice?
    1. Launch the Settings application
    2. Press Applications
    3. Press Manage Applications
    4. On Android 2 and later: Press Menu, Filter, All
    5. Press your current home screen application (probably "Home", or "Launcher")
    6. Press "Clear defaults"
    7. Press the home button, choose Sweeter Home

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